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Caesar learns of tapes that exist in the Forbidden Zone that show his mother speaking about how conflict between ape and man caused the destruction of Earth.

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Caesar is coming of age in a world wherein apes have gone from replacing domestic pets after a virus wiped out cats and dogs, shimmering patterns produced by refraction and reflection of the direct sun rays between the elements of the lens create a bizarre effect that adds mightily to the visual mood.

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Tony Starl boasts enough laughs and thrills, like this Japanese macaque, the Capuchin will gather them up again and take them to a large flat boulder where they have previously gathered a few river stones from up to a mile away.

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The audience had to be led to accept the ape characters as intelligent beings, chimps and bonobos are so similar that they should all belong to one species, the apes now hunt humans for sport and use them for menial tasks. Caesar grappling with the irritations and agonies of leadership.

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