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The schools presented incremental coaching as an entitlement for teachers: something that will support them in their work, enhance their skills and accelerate their progress towards professional mastery.

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Also, some works automatically enter the public domain upon creation, because they are not copyrightable.

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One of the core focus areas of the Connecting Classrooms programme is promoting and developing instructional leadership because, as the evidence shows, this can have a positive impact on improving the quality of teaching and lead to enhanced student outcomes.

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What do policies say about instructional leadership, and who is responsible at the school level?

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The list of Social Science Lesson Plans on different topics is given above.

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In a national survey of head teachers, conducted as part of the same study, just two per cent of respondents stated that their school did not collaborate with any other school in a meaningful way.

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Policymakers and academics from a variety of diverse settings have been kind enough to accept invitations to share their knowledge, approaches and experiences in relation to the positive impact that effective school leadership can have on a system.

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But when we looked at the inspection visits carried out for teachers who had received their inspection grade, we saw that the inspection frequency was too low.

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